Monday, August 11, 2008

Homegrown Hops

During Winter 2006-2007 I asked my parents if I could raise hops "down on the farm." They agreed and I ordered Goldings and Cascade rhizomes. We cleared some land, my Dad built a trellis, and I planted my hops in April 2007. My mom waters, fertilizes, and watches over them. As expected the first year was pretty lackluster. In fact, I got no usable hops at all.

That all changed this year.

"Sherburn" Goldings on the left, Cascade on the right. That trellis is about 15' tall.

A closeup of the Cascade bines.

A cluster of of Cascade hops.

More Cascades.

As you can tell the Cascades are going gangbusters this year. Some of the cones are almost as long as my index finger. I'll have plenty of these citrus-y/pine-y "C" hops for IPA's, EPA's, and much much more.

Unfortunately the Goldings aren't doing well in the Midwest heat. I think there are three usable hops on the entire bine. Maybe next year.

Watch for updates when harvesting time comes.

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